Friday, 24 December 2010

Yupiteru VT125 ii Scanner

This needed a general overhall, the DC jack had disintergrated and it wouldnt power off batteries.

The battery box was heavily cooroded from leaky batteries, so that got a good clean up using a brass wire brush.

Inside there were three poor connections, one was held on with blu tack (well a white tack) ! (I like blue tack, see previous post) but as a substitute for soldering it isnt great :-) My university lecturer one found a student using araldite to make up a DB25 ! those full time students ehh :-)

The other two poor connections were to the two battery trayposts, the wires were just wrapped round ! See pic below? I can believe this was original, so that wiring was replaced and soldered.

You can see the disintegrated DC jack, this has been removed and a replacement part sourced, the only one I can find to fit the PCB layout is 1.3mm pin, seems abit small for this era, I have asked the owner if he has the PSU so I can check for size, (web search didn't come good on this).

Works a treat off batteries now, just waiting for the PCB jack.

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