Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hauppauge HD PVR wrong power supply.

A Hauppauge HD PVR that had been powered up using the wrong PSU.

With the correct PSU used again the unit would not work.

Unfortunately I didnt take any pics so I used one off the web to describe what I found, I hope the owner of this picture doesn't mind, it was from a blog post about modifying a unit by fitting a fan.


The picture does however raise an interesting question as it differs slightly, voltage regulator 4 was not present in this faulty unit ??

A good chunk of the circuit runs off 3.3v as you would expect, this seemed to be handled by the regulator #3 derived from the incoming 5v.

However some of the circuit runs off the 5v input straight frsom the wall adaptor, no circuit mount regulation or fuse.

Plug in the wrong supply and....

Pooof, at the very least IC's #1 and #2 were toast, #1 was long gone, nothing at all left of it. #2 was still present (a FMS6403 component video driver) but there was a hole in it.

I didnt spend any longer on the unit and told the owner the bad news, mostly as I could see no easy way to procure a FMS6403 and not knowing what chip #1 was. Chip #1 looked like it was a 3 terminal chip (Vin ground, Vout), there may have been some way to hack arround this.

Im sure some circuit protection would not be too expensive to design in. Hauppauge's idea of protection is a sticker on the back saying 'only use the supplied PSU' well, obvious but accidents do happen, searching the web showed that plugging the wrong PSU in was not an uncommon occurrence.


  1. Is there anyway to fix it?

  2. If you can source and replace all the damaged components on the 5v rail then in theory it can be fixed.

    Looking again digikey sell the FMS6403 only about £3, looking at a working unit would reveal what the vaporised component was. What else is damaged I do not know !

  3. I'm so, so, so sad. I just got mine HD PVR about 1 month ago after waiting for 2 months for it to get to me (I live abroad).
    Today after doing some moving around I accidentaly used my TV cable device's 12v supply and now it doesn't work anymore.

    When I first plugged the wrong supply the PVR kept blinking its blue light. After switching back to the original supply the blue light stays on but nothing else works...

    This is so disappointing to me, since we don't have these type of devices to sell here and like I said I paid a lot of money and waited a lot of time for this (and was also doing great use of it).

  4. It is shocking that Hauppauge produced this design, this post gets about 10 hits per day, some measure of the problem they have created for their customers. It's a pity you have no way to try a warranty claim as I'm sure it would be worth a try.

  5. Hi
    My son has a HD PVR 49001 LF Rev F1, and plugged in a 9V supply damaged some parts. Hauppauge to me the part number of damaged devices as below, this fixed the unit.
    U410 Texas Instruments SN74LVC1G97DBVR
    U411 Texas Instruments SN74LVC2G74DCTR

    1. So what are you saying? The device can be fixed by replacing the 2 components you've listed?

      I just blew my device today by connecting 12V/1.5A

    2. Top post mate, got one in the loft exact same blown, not by me to add. Just ordering these will replace and update here whether it worked.

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  6. I plugged a 9v power supply in, Nothing happened. I then found that I used the wrong supply and thought nothing of it until the original didn't work. I found that this generally causes damage however I have no visual signs of damage in any component or on the circuit board. Any suggestions as to what is wrong with it. When the wrong power supply was in, nothing happened such as burning etc. Thanks.

  7. I found my PVR in a trash (along with a receiver and some speakers), and it turns on. There is a solid blue light and nothing else. I've opened it up, everything is fine, nothing is fried.

    I have no idea what the problem is. It's detected as a malfunctioned (code 43) device in Windows.

  8. Replies
    1. You can't fix it yourself. I sent mine back to Hauppauge for an out-of-warranty repair, and they charged me $45+shipping.

    2. How much was it in total?

  9. So I think I might have accidently done this myself; was reorganizing my electronics and pulled everything out, so I mixed up some power adapters apparently. However, when I used the incorrect PSU, nothing happened then either (attempted to turn on, no lights, nothing). Seems like I would have seen it light up briefly before it got fried maybe? How can I tell for sure this was the problem, or is safe to say it definitely is? Regardless, Im going to try to setup a out-of-warranty repair...hopefully itll be in the same range as mention previously.

  10. where you can get the web 3 and 4

  11. HD PVR 49101 LF REV F2 How can I get 3 AND 4 WHERE CAN I BUY IT WEB answer me

  12. I pluged my PVR and the blue light turns ON
    but i cant turn it OFF

  13. I pluged in a different power super unit into my PVR and ever since then its been broken and wont turn on or the power light will just stay blue and wont turn off. please help me thanks