Thursday, 6 October 2011

Nissan Navara Sat Nav bluetooth streaming (IO Play) Install

Ok, not a fix this one but when I helped a friend to do this there werent any pictures detailing the install on the web that I could see.

The factory sat nav system installed on this car (08 plate Nissan Navara) had a bluetooth function but it does not support music streaming. You would just assume that if an expensive car system has bluetooth, surely it must suport A2DP streaming / AVRCP control. I know that BMW's of the same era suffer the same problem. I suppose the standard just missed the development cycle of these systems.

So anyway, the nav system has no aux in and no cd changer simulator seems to be available (such as Dension, where you can swap the cd changer for a line in / mp3 player, I had one of these in an Alfa Romeo, worked ok). However there is still a way of avoiding a nasty FM transmitter !

Its called an IO Play, as shown here

Basically this unit receives the streamed music and squirts it in to the stereo system as a telephone call. I have seen some telemute kits that seemed to be a cheaper way of doing this but they all seemed to make a point they only use the front speakers ? The play outputs to all speakers.

It also takes the place of the bluetooth hands free system that is built in to the car. You can only pair your handset to one system, the IO Play comes with a mic for this.

To fit it in your Navara you will need a hands free sot lead.

This is the one we used, an InCarTec 10-556

This allows the IO Play to be installed as it comes with old fashioned head unit iso connectors on it.

The trim disassembles realy easy and only takes a few minutes, no horrible dsah out business. Just remove the cup holder first and work your way up to cd changer.

The sot connector is mounted on the back of the cd changer / brain (circled). The screw circled is a good point to mount the flying ground lead from the io play.

The next two pictures shows how the sot lead and io lead connect together.

The controller was mounted behind the gearstick, and the mic to the side. You can move the gaitor out of the way enough to pass the connectors through (be gentle though, the clips underneath are quite fragile).

There is loads of room behind the centre console for everything and the leads are nice and long. The IO boxes were placed under the cup holders.

All in. Sound quality from the music was excellent. Easy to use and the microphone placement seemed to work ok.

I would definitely recommend this system.

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  1. Hi lowfinger could you tell me where in the UK you are, as I have a Streamium MCi500H that requires a repair?
    Thanks in anticipation.