Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Blackberry Curve 9300 LCD replacement.

This phone needed a new screen, it had the lines you can see in the picture running down it. If you applied pressure to the top of the screen all the lines would disappear, I suspect it is a loose driver in the LCD assembly.

All of the ebay adverts for screens advised to remove the faulty screen first to get the part number. There are several types and a visual check is the only way to be sure.

There is a good video on youtube.

Unclip the front panel and undo the two screws

Undo the two screws in the back, remove sim and micro sd

You have to remove the outer frame which is clipped along the sides and hooked over the top and then peel off the screen window which is stuck to the frame / screen.

So here was the screen out. Part number identified in oval,007/111 in this case. (The screen is upside shown upside down from when it is plugged in) Two circles show screws to remove screen.

A new front panel was also fitted, this is very simple and will make the phone look like new !

Replacement screen was fine.

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