Monday, 11 April 2011

Dell 1708fp ultrasharp backlight fault

A dell 1708 monitor, the monitor would power on, screen would display for two seconds then the backlight would go off. You could faintly still see the graphics in the background.

This was exactly the same as the Samsung 540n I fixed in an earlier post, that was bad PSU caps so I was expecting to see similar inside.

Disassembly was straightforward. Four screws in the middle of the back,( behind the stand bracket), then unclip the bezel all the way around (this was tight !). Pull the back off, remove two screws from each side to release the electronics assembly from the panel, remove back-light wiring covers then cables, remove main screen cable. Finally to get to the component side of the board, remove output connector locking screw posts then screws from the back of the PCB.

I wasn't disappointed, more bulging brown stained caps than you could shake a stick at, six in all, all clearly failed.

They should be 35v 330uf, removed they were measuring about 150uf.

Here they are in all their glory.

New caps in, I have circled the six affected capacitors that were replaced.

Back together with the new caps, all working ok !

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