Thursday, 23 December 2010

3 Network £10 sim in iPhone 4

Nothing of great note but Google didnt come good for me on this and the 3 website certainly didnt.

Its seems very common that becasue the iPhone 4 uses a microsim that carriers create special tarrifs for them, you might call it an iPhone tax in some cases ! on '3' their lowest price 30 day sim only deal isnt available on a micro sim so the obvious solution is to cut the regular sim to fit, Im just posting to confirm that this works fine, there are no special settings relating to the microsim or iPhone 4, and 3 dont flag it up.

There is no visual voice mail on any uk provider other than O2 which is a pity but 3's sim only is £5 less than 02's equivelant on 30 day contract (need to go 12 month on O2 for equivelant).

Ive cut a number of sims now for the iPhone and the iPad, one tip is that if you remove too much material, dont panic !, you can use blu tack to fill the gap and hold the sim in place in the carrier !

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