Sunday, 12 December 2010

HTC HD2 part 2

My friend took his HD2 back to get the screen and digitizer replaced for the second time (see earlier post).

He got it back, only now volume buttons on the side dont work !

Opened it up and found out the reason, not good (look just left of the FCC logo on the back sticker)

When they put the phone back together they routed the cable to the volume PCB incorrectly and it got snapped off. Initially I didnt think this could be too bad but its not good news. The volume pcb is hard wired to the cable, the cable in turn travels under the phone serial number sticker where it becoms part of a huge ribbon cable that seems to be referred to as the flex assembly, it also contains the camera module connector amongst other things, its not cheap,£42 and a bit fiddly to fit, but what isnt on this phone !

He refuses to take it back to the shop to be butchered again so a repair is currently undecided, phone functions ok and the volume can be adjusted from the touch screen.

We will see if he goes for the new flex assembly. Heres a picture of it. Volume buttons on the right. Interestingly there is one for sale on eBay for just £5...with the volume controlls snapped off, watch out if you have to strip a HD2, obviously not a one off!

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