Sunday, 15 May 2011

Hitachi VNR10C209 LCD backlight inverter faulty.

A faulty backlight in an industrial lcd touchscreen.

The inverter board was a seperate PCB, a quick check of the thermal fuses showed that one had gone. A nice easy fix but not an immediately obvious one, I had not seen an inverter with this protection before.

In the picture you can see the top fuse I had replaced and the bottom one is the factory fit.

Both replaced, the lower one is not bonded to the transistor yet.

I stuck them down with silicon sealant (weighted down until set), fine at these temperatures.

The fuses were 115 degrees. On soak test the chips it was bonded to never got above 40 degrees so I am putting this one down to age fatigue on the thermal fuse, not uncommon in my experiance.

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