Sunday, 15 May 2011

Grundfos watermill shower pump transformer faulty. SS45DLV.

A transformer from a shower pump, no output.

Opened it up and check of the windings showed the input was open circuit. Close inspection showed a thermal fuse taped to the winding, it was open circuit.

A new fuse was selected, original was 150, replacement to hand was 135, I was confident this would be fine and the cause of the fuse going was age related fatigue and not a genuine fail. The transformer smelt fine and ran fine afterwards. The new fuse was taped back onto the windings with transformer tape.

The input selector switch routed the mains to one of three tappings. I measured the ac output at the three settings, from memory they were ~30vac, 35vac and 40vac (possibly the 45 in the model number is 45 volt max ?).

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